Levels Guide

Children levels


Children who have never skied before or haven’t yet mastered the snowplough.


Children who can link snowplough turns on green runs and are able to ride a button lift without falling off.


Children who can confidently ski blue runs with their skis parallel, although maybe still wide apart.


Children who can ski parallel confidently on red runs.


Children who are ready to sample a bit of excitement - steeps, bumps and off piste.

Adult levels

Level 0

You have never skied before or you are still learning to snowplough and need to refresh the basics.

Level 1

You are comfortable snowplough turning down green runs and can control your speed.

Level 2

You are just learning parallel turns or you are an unconfident parallel skier, you generally ski on green and easy blue runs.

Level 3

You are skiing parallel confidently on blue runs and are looking to start skiing red runs and learn new skills.

Level 4

You are able to ski black runs but would like to improve your technique to better handle bumps, steeps and off piste.